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My co-workers like to turn on the radio to liven up the office. Unfortunately, one day one of them chose the "modern pop" station. And, I swear to G-d, the song "Blurred Lines" played at least 20 times throughout the day (seriously, at one point I even started counting!). By the end of the day, I knew all the lyrics backwards and forwards. And I desperately wanted to punch the singer in the throat.

So, this drawing is just my wishful thinking of what I hope went through the guy's mind during that infamous VMA atrocity with Miley Cyrus.

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A few weeks back, I was watching a friends daughter while she took care of some stuff at work. To keep her occupied, I brought out my sketchbook and asked her for comic ideas. This is what she came up with...

First she asked for Spongebob. And I apologized to her for my inability to draw him properly (I haven't watched the show in years)

Then she told me all about the Lego Batman Movie she watched the night before (I didn't even know that movie existed!). And started asking for Batman comics. And that's when things got fun!

First, she wanted a Batgirl drawing:

Then she asked me to draw Catwoman running away from a police man and a dog:
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Kid commissions are fun!! :)
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Here's the link to my first "Draw to Music" exercise.

This is the result of me drawing whatever came on the office radio...

First up, is a picture inspired by Madonna's song 'Dress You Up In My Love'

Yeah, this song TOTALLY fits them! XD

Next up is 'Uptown Girl' and 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'
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I've seen some artists try the "Draw to Music" exercise. So I tried it at work a while back. I just drew whatever came on the office radio (it was set to an oldies station), and this was the result (please ignore the random pretty boys on the top of the first page ^_^;).

First up, my interpretation of "I wanna dance with somebody" and "Hotel California"

...I admit, I cheated on the Whitney Houston song and just drew from my memory of the cheesy 80s music video. ^_^;

Also, the fact that "I wanna dance with somebody" is now considered an "oldie" made me feel very old and sad. :(

Next up is my artistic rendering of "Let's Groove", "Don't Stand Too Close To Me", and "You are my shining star"

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I drew most of my recent "How the Little Mermaid should have ended" comic on my lunch breaks at work. My co-workers saw me working on it in the break room and they were actually pretty fascinated/shocked to find out that so much planning and math goes into making a comic page (they saw me using a ruler and calculator while drawing and thought that seemed weird). So I stopped to explain to them that I had to measure how much panel/paper space I was working with and figure out how much space each panel needed to get the point across. I also explained the process of trimming the dialog and scenes in order to figure out how to get the point across in just one page. To my surprise, they found it to be really interesting; so I thought I'd put my scratch pages with the measurements here just so you guys can see it, too.

Initial Idea Page

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I needed to put something happy out there. So here's all the goofy things I scribbled today:

First, the non-fanart

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Just one of my random non-fanart scribbles:

A while ago, I had to work at an event next to a public pool. So I tried to discreetly draw the swimmers there without looking like a total creeper. LOL

And the title of this piece is an old joke/pun my high school French teacher like to tell ("piscine" is the french word for swimming pool and it sounds a lot like the word "pissing"). The pun is totally crass and immature. But because of it, I NEVER forgot how to say "pool" in French. XD

[DA link]
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Monotonous office jobs can be surprisingly inspiring. I even managed to incorporate color for the first time!!

Sharpie highlighters are perfect for 80s icons!

And here's some non-fanart (believe it or not, I do have a tiny shred of originality!)
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Who knew a job that chains me to a desk could be so inspiring!

First up, a scene from one of the most epic (and tear-jerky) bromances of all time.

I'm just gonna pretend that the-game-that-shall-not-be-named didn't turn one of them into an asshole who beats his girlfriend. :(

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Now have some Slayers!

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So my search for a new doodle pen lead me to the 99 cent store that just opened near my house. These pens aren't perfect; but they work almost as well as the brand that I can't find anymore

Here are some of my test doodles. I tried to draw a little of everything to make sure it worked:


Random assortment of scribbles... )

[ profile] earthstar_moon 's Sly Cooper AU
Joann, Stu, and I recently brainstormed ways to make Sly Cooper 4 not suck.
FYI, I have dubbed Sly 4: Thieves in Time "the-game-that-shall-not-be-named" because, like the-SHOW-that-shall-not-be-named, it's a sexist piece of shit that fridged two of my all time favorite fictional ladies!!
...*ahem* Anyway, here's the AU pictures and the texts that inspired them (the full geeky brainstorm can be found here)

AU madness under the cut.... )

Final verdict: Very good quality for a pen I got as a 4-pack at the 99-Cent Store. For now, this'll suit my scribble needs nicely! :)
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Now that my computer is back in operation, here's all the dopey scribbles I pulled from my "to scan" pile!

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So, my desktop computer refuses to turn on (I'm currently using the old laptop that I gave to my mom a few months back). And, like a dumbass, I've been lazy about backing my stuff up on the external hard drive lately. So, if I can't at least retrieve the files from it, a TON of scanned drawings/photos/etc are going to be lost.

So, I just thought I'd ask anyone who might be tech savvy and/or has had this problem before what's up. Maybe I can at least troubleshoot this myself before I shell out cash for professional help.
I have a buddy who is a computer whiz; but it's hard to coordinate our schedules to get together and I don't want to wait too long before trying something. I also heard that a dude who handles the servers at my work might have a side business doing this sort of thing; so hopefully that pans out.

I just REALLY hope I don't have to resort to Best Buy's Geek Squad. In my experience, they tend to be inexperienced kids at best and and outright shysters at worst. >_<

Any advice would be appreciated!

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I'm posting this to prove that I am capable of drawing stuff that isn't based on other peoples' creations...

First up, a doodle that I did immediately after a long shift at the restaurant:

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It's been a while since I submitted Scooby art here; so I'm posting all my most recent sketches. They're not very polished (I drew most of these on my lunch breaks at work), but I hope you like them anyway.
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Back when I was a teenager, I had the good fortune to meet some of the writers & artists behind Beauty and the Beast at an ASIFA event. One of them said that they briefly considered ending the movie on a humorous note by having Belle ask the Prince if he could grow a beard. Obviously, they didn't go that route, but part of me kinda wishes that they had. Hence the comic.

Also, the Beast does NOT have an official name ("Prince Adam" is fanon). The writers just never thought to give him one. However, when pressed by the audience, they dubbed him "Moe Beast". So that is what I call him. XD

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Just a sampling of random things I've doodled lately.

Terry Moore was at this year's Wonder Con. This inspired some Strangers in Paradise scribbles (this one's for you, Isa! ~_^)

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Sorry for the lack of posts. Work and life has kept me busy.

I've been trying to do more original stuff and less fanart just to keep the creative juices flowing. So here's a few examples of my bored lunch break scribbles of originality....

Scribbles under the cut..... )

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Just doing a major art dump of my recent lunch break scribbles because giving each of these their own post would take forever.

Super Friends

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Pony Families

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Scooby Doo fluff

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