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Yep, I'm still doing this. I just ran out of steam for a while. ^_^;
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One of the main reasons I haven't cut my hair is because I LOVE being able to rock Katara's hair-do!

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I have this argument with my sister at least once a week.....

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Believe it or not, some adults do this, too:

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Like the one before it, this comic is based on stuff that has actually happened to me. You'd be surprised how many complete strangers will compliment my hair and then immediately tell me that it's my freakin' civic duty to chop it all off for charity! For the most part, their hearts are in the right place. And few people get as belligerent as the woman in the comic. But comments like this are rude and need to stop.

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This idea for a series of comics struck me while I was at work. It's inspired by a fabulous series called 'Busty Girl Problems'.

This first comic was inspired by something that happened to me while I was walking to my car after work:

Yes. My hair really did get stuck in a tree branch. Scared the sh!t out of me, too (mainly because it triggered an Evil Dead flashback). -_-

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