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Normally, I don't like to elevate the opinions of celebrities. But this statement was the perfect reaction to recent events:


In case you haven't been following the news:

President Barack Obama’s White House is certainly closing out its final weeks with a no-holds-barred approach to Israel, following the Friday vote on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, which blocks the Jewish state from establishing settlements in land the Palestinians claim as their own.

In a Wednesday speech that sounded more like a diatribe against Israel, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry explained the Obama administration’s decision to abstain from rather than veto the 14-0 vote on the anti-Israel resolution, skewering the country for advocating a one-state solution.

“If the choice is one state,” Kerry said, “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.”

TL;DR All of the Muslim countries are allowed to be Muslim (and oppress women and slaughter non-Muslims & homosexuals with ZERO condemnation or retatialitation from the worthless United Nations). But the ONE Jewish country on the entire planet is not allowed to be Jewish and defend itself against the people who are openly bound and determined to enact a second Holocaust.

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I know a holiday post should be "cheery". But I thought it would be better (and more in keeping with the holiday) to reaffirm my peoples' right to exist.

Shabbat Shalom, mother fu*kers!!
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Work has been wearing me down lately (I'm working seven days a week now), so I decided to treat myself and book tickets to attend all three days of Stan Lee's Comikaze convention in Los Angeles this Halloween! I even splurged and commissioned a new cosplay from a gal pal of mine who is a master at costume-making. This year, I'm rocking a Sailor Jupiter costume for Halloween/con-season (I've been digging Sailor Moon Crystal lately)!

This will be my first time rocking a mask-free costume in public. So I'm a bit nervous. All my other public cosplays have covered up at least half my face because I tend to look goofy in photographs (and that makes me REALLY self-concious about strangers taking pics of me that are likely to end up on over the internet). So my Princess Kenny costume will be on standby, just in case.

Also, Sailor Jupiter is a bit "sexier" than the stuff I usually wear for cosplay. And that worries me a bit because of a recent incident at SDCC where my sister and some of our friends were chased down the street and reapeatedly called "sluts" by a creeper who couldn't take "NO" for an answer.

BTW, the creeper's name is Kevin Brueck and he has a shitty YouTube show where he harasses con-goers and pulls other stupid pranks (like chasing female cosplayers down the street while calling them "sluts"). If you're in the nerd and/or convention scene, PLEASE spread the word about this guy's douchebaggery. My friends and I are hoping to get him black-listed from future cons (and, on a purely personal note, I want to see this asshole pay for harassing my little sister while she was walking down the goddam street!!!!). If you want to hear this story first-hand from someone who was physically there to witness it, my friend Jimmy wrote about it on his Tumblr page here.

I want to end this on a happy note. So enjoy a picture of my most recent cosplay experience:
I am the most kawaii princessu! ~_^


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