Jul. 27th, 2017

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 Legendary voice actress June Foray passed away today at the age of 99.

I felt the need to post about this because I had the good fortune to meet June about a dozen times throughout my life and have a few one-on-one conversations with her. And I just wanted to say that she deserves EVERY accolade she's ever gotten. Not only has she done so much for animation (both as an actress and as an industry person), but she was also tremendously sharp even into her 90s (she continued to work until around the age of 95) and very kind and grateful to her fans.

I met her because one of my Grandfather's friends hosted a Holiday party every year that she attended. And the other guests were always eager to talk to her once they found out who she was. And she was always VERY happy to converse with anyone who sat down at her table and asked her to sign stuff. 

One of my favorite moments with her was when I brought a Ducktales comic with a Magica DeSpell cover for her to sign. I was embarrassed when the pen I brought didn't write very well on the glossy cover. Without skipping a beat, June reached into her purse and grabbed a HUGE Ziploc baggie full of different types and colors of pens, took one out, and it worked perfectly. She told me she's had this problem with fans before; so she made a point to keep that baggie of pens in her purse.
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