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Finally finished all my "Halloween Inspiration" commissions. So I'm posting these a little early!
Special thanks to [ profile] sailorlibra [ profile] earthstar_moon [ profile] amelia_seyroon and [ profile] ms_verma for the suggestions!

First up is Sailor Libra's suggestion:

"The Scooby Gang as the Justice League"

I was a bit lazy with this one (using random blocks to correct the height errors :P). But I still like how it came out. Velma as Black Canary is my favorite.

And here it is in black and white

Next up is Ms Verma:
Animaniacs/Scooby crossover and Wunchpunsch crossover.


Fun Fact: Animaniacs actually did a Scooby Doo parody. They couldn't use the actual characters because WB didn't own Hanna-Barbera yet. But they still managed to get Frank Welker (skip to 6:00 in the video)

I had never heard of Wunchpunsch before she suggested it. I tried watching an episode and didn't like it all that much. But, since I promised to draw all suggestions, I did a quick sketch of the main characters anyway.

Sorry it's lame. But, I just couldn't get into the show. :P

Next up is Amelia Seyroon's suggestion:
"human Applejack and human Rainbow Dash competing with each other who has the better Halloween costume?"

For some reason, I totally see Rainbow Dash making something this stupid into a contest (even if AJ doesn't want it). XD

Last but not least is Earthstar_Moon:

1) Human Rarity playing with Human Fluttershy's hair.

2) Velma as a witch with Scooby doo as her familiar.

This one was fun! I scribbled my first ideas at work....

Surprise, surprise. I used the Pup designs. XD
The upper left corner is supposed to be her conjuring him out of a (badly drawn) alchemy circle.

I also did a "grown up" sketch of them being bad ass and fighting together (and it took FOREVER to get Scooby to look right in a fighting pose).

The colored version was off-set with a little bit of cuteness scribbled in the corner. ^_^;

And finally, my favorite one: "SBFF Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder girl trick or treating as themselves"

I had them dress up as their Super counter parts because I thought it was funnier. And the little girls were a last minute addition because I thought the idea of little girls walking in on them and geeking out was cute.


Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I hope you liked them! :)


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