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Here are my artsy responses to the prompt I put up a few days ago. Special thanks to [ profile] amelia_seyroon , [ profile] earthstar_moon , [ profile] sarajayechan , and [ profile] secondlina for the suggestions!

First suggestion: "Ponies? Shaggy and Velma suddenly finding themselves in Equestria AND in pony form? Or they can stay human, if you want."


Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby's MLP designs were loosly based on this picture.

Second suggestion: "How about Shaggy teaching Velma how to cook/bake. And how about human versions of Apple Bloom, Scoot a loo, and Sweetie Belle. ^_^"

Shaggy/Velma Cooking lessons

Human Cutie Mark Crusaders!!

And an alternate dress for Applebloom


Third suggestion: "Shaggy teaching Velma how to play pool, or her teaching him. :3"

How about both?



Forth suggestion: The scooby gang in a world where all the ghost stuff and monsters they encounter are real, rather then fake. As implied here :

I've always wanted to do fanart based on that pic (the idea of Scooby and Velma fighting on without the gang is both super awesome and super sad). Thanks for giving me the push to get off my butt and do it!

And , of course, I couldn't tackle this idea without showing what happened to Fred and Daphne. I imagine them fighting like hell together until they just don't stand a chance anymore.


Thanks for helping me out, guys!! :)


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