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Here are all my responses to the AU Meme crammed into one big art post. I hope all the folks who made requests enjoy what they got!

--First up is: "Applejack and Rainbow Dash at the beach AND in Seyruun" requested by [ profile] amelia_seyroon

I opted to draw them as humans because it's WAY easier for me (and I'm lazy :P)

The caption on the above picture is,
Rainbow: "The princess of Seyruun taught me this levitation spell! Isn't it neat, AJ?"
Applejack: "Yeah, whatever. NOW PLEASE PUT ME DOWN!!!"

--Next up is: "Lina and Gourry in the Avatar universe" requested by [ profile] earthstar_moon

I fully intend to color this one day and add fire bending effects for Lina because it turned out surprisingly awesome.


--Last but not least is: "Bolin and Mako (as bros, not a couple) in the Scooby doo universe" requested by [ profile] secondlina


I will be VERY shocked if I'm the first one to have made the "Scooby kids unmasking Amon" joke.

I didn't have time to color the whole comic. So I did quick sketches of the Scooby kids' Avatar-verse clothes and colored those instead (because designing Avatar clothing for them was wicked fun!)

I could totally see Avatar-verse Velma being an Air Acolyte (working to keep a near extinct culture alive seems right up her alley). And credit goes to Joanne for the "Shaggy as a fire bender" inspiration. It doesn't seem to fit his character (or his color scheme) at first. But it makes sense when you consider how handy that ability is for on-the-go cooking.


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