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I've been pretty bad about posting my art here. So I'll update by showing off the colored pieces I've done recently with the tablet that the wonderful [ profile] ichiban_victory gifted to me

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I finally dusted off my tablet to play around with coloring artwork. I thought it would be fun to design a Wild West version of the Sailor Scouts.

Yeah, I know. Mercury's weapon is out of character. I wanted to give each girl a weapon that fit their powers from the anime. And a round mace was the closest thing to a bubble that I could think of. LOL
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Here are all the winter holiday art prompts for the [ profile] scooby_doo community! I got them done just in time! :)
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I finally got to see this just before Thanksgiving. And the experience was something else:

--Despite the fact that the movie had been out for about two months at that point, the theatre was nearly half full!
--The audience (which was mostly Mexican families with young kids) was really into the movie. They laughed a lot and even stood up and applauded when the credits rolled!
--The movie's soundtrack is....unique. It's a VERY weird mix of American pop songs and traditional Mexican guitar music that somehow manages to mesh well together (for the most part).

--Also, I was happy to see Doug Langdale credited as one of the writers. IMO, he's one of the most under-rated cartoon writers out there (he's best known for creating the 90s cartoon "The Weekenders"). He is VERY skilled when it comes to writing groups of friends without inserting romantic bullcrap. And even in this film (where a love triangle was central to the story), he never forgot to make the trio convincing as FRIENDS before introducing the romantic drama. And it was a thrill to see him credited in a major film (here's hoping this leads to him getting more projects!)
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I know that scene was supposed to be dramatic and sad. But the fact that Tuxedo Mask's machismo bites him in the ass so epically was just hilarious to me!

[deviant art link]
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I drew this comic while the country station was playing at work. This song was re-played WAY TOO MANY TIMES!!!
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Bubkis: Yiddish slang for ""nothing" or "worthless"

Cross-posted to [ profile] 1word1day
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I found this "platonic relationship writing prompt" on Tumblr and decided to adapt it into an art meme. And the second BFF pair I used was Lina and Zelgadis (in case you're wondering, the first was Murray/Penelope from Sly Cooper)!

Here's the prompt list:


  • Platonic reassuring shoulder/arm/hand grabbing

  • Platonic tight, meaningful hugs

  • Platonic late-night deep conversations that end in at least one person holding back tears or sobbing

  • Platonic sleeping in the same bed

  • Platonic forehead touches

  • Platonic staring into each other’s eyes like the other person is the world

  • Platonic CUDDLES



And here's my Lina/Zelgadis BFF doodle collage:

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Ever since I discovered this GLORIUS tutorial on transfering paper lineart into photoshop, I've been on a coloring binge! And this was the second old drawing that I opted to fully color (I wanted to practice on something with a background).

And here's the old B&W doodle
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Some wonderful, kind soul put this tutorial on how to transfer pen&paper lineart into Photoshop on tumblr. And this technique makes digitally coloring stuff A MILLION TIMES EASIER FOR ME!!

This is the first pic I practiced it with. I really dig it. Expect to see more colored artworks from me in the future! :)

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cross-posted from [ profile] 1word1day
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This is copy/pasted from my submission to the awesomely dorky community [ profile] 1word1day!

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I drew this a few years ago and just recently dug it out of an old sketch book and inked it.

This comic was thrown together after a funny incident where I stopped at the grocery store to get some “girlie products” and this very young male clerk (who was stocking a shelf in an adjacent aisle) suddenly felt the need to get all helpful with me.

I don’t think he was trying to be creepy. He seemed to genuinely want to help. But talking to a male in THAT particular aisle is just weird and uncomfortable. So I told him I was on my way out, moved away from there, and didn’t grab the girlie stuff I came in for until he had wandered into another section.

So, yeah, note to any dudes reading this. Chicks NEVER want to spark up a conversation when shopping for feminine products. EVER! So don’t try it!

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I was recently asked to contribute to the [ profile] 1word1day community! Basically, it's a comm for language nerds to share unique and unusual vocabulary words. However, since I'm not a good writer, I opted to do educational "Vocabulary Comics" for my contributions. Here's my first post (and I'll also paste it below). Let me know what you think!


THE ORIGIN OF THE WORD "GLITCH" (featuring Vanellope Von Schweetz)
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This comic is based on stories I've heard from cosplay girls about ugly jerkwads hypocritically telling them they're not "hot enough" to dress up as a particular heroine.

I also took some inspiration from the Tony Harris incident.
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I think I might finally be getting better at this! :)

Special thanks to [ profile] earthstar_moon for inspiring the original
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I'm getting a little better with using the tablet to draw/color stuff. Unfortunately, for some reason, Photoshop doesn't have an easy shortcut for drawing simple, straight lines. So my attempts to draw backgrounds or anything else the requires straight (or slightly diagonal) lines look like crap. If there are better digital drawing programs out there for Luddites like me, I'd love to hear about them!

Anyhoo, here's my latest attempt. Coloring one of my dopey Sly Cooper romance pictures!

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I had about a week off for the holidays. This is what I chose to do with it...

I already have an idea for how I want the rest of this story to play out. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I suck MASSIVELY at drawing the Disney Duck characters. But I'll probably try anyway because I REALLY dig this idea!

Random Artist Notes:
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I recently bought some back issues of the old "Disney Afternoon Comic Collection". And these covers absolutely cracked me up:

...and now I cannot stop myself from imagining how much funnier The Little Mermaid would have been if Ariel had obsessed over Darkwing Duck instead of Prince Eric.
I posted these images on Tumblr, and [ profile] earthstar_moon decided to play the devil on my shoulder and encourage me to draw this AU crack ship. So the upcoming comic is her fault, not mine! XD

Crack-Ship under the cut.... )

If there's interest in this story, I will continue it! I have some free time coming next week!
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I know it seems a bit early to start opening up requests for Christmas/Winter/Holiday art. But I want plenty of time to make you guys really nice drawings/presents. Also, Chanukkah is happening hella early this year (it also happens to start on my birthday). So I have to open it up NOW just in case anyone wants something with a Jewish/Chanukkah theme (or a Thanksgiving theme). XD

--It doesn't have to be related to a specific holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukkah, Festivus, etc. If there's something you just REALLY want to see me draw "just because", feel free.

--Don't feel bad if I can't get your request done before New Years. Its nothing personal. Real life just takes up most of my time and sometimes I get spacey and just forget things.

--Keep your requests simple. For example, please don't ask me to translate your LONG, epic, 10 chapter fan-fiction into a comic.

--This should go without saying, but nothing pornographic, perverted, or fetishy. Romance is fine. Just keep the raciness of the requests at a PG-13 or lower.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!


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