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I've been pretty bad about posting my art here. So I'll update by showing off the colored pieces I've done recently with the tablet that the wonderful [ profile] ichiban_victory gifted to me

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This drawing was a gift to me from a friend. And I wanted to show it off and also provide a link to this friend's web-comic because he's awesome and deserves some free promotion.
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I swear, I heard about this news via people sending me “Are you happy NOW!?" messages on Deviant Art. Apparently, a few people seem to think that I had a hand in this because I wrote some scathing reviews of Sanzaru's sexist revision of the Sly Cooper series. LOL

Seriously though, I am beyond thrilled that Sanzaru's team of perverted man-children wont get another chance to sh!t all over my favorite video game series
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Ever since I discovered this GLORIUS tutorial on transfering paper lineart into photoshop, I've been on a coloring binge! And this was the second old drawing that I opted to fully color (I wanted to practice on something with a background).

And here's the old B&W doodle
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I thought it would be fun to tackle Steampunk-style art.

First up, here's my attempt at a Steampunk Electro-Gun. I'm actually REALLY happy with how it came out!

In case you're wondering, this pic is a redesign of this character:

She's Carmelita Fox from the Sly Cooper series. And she was a great character before the forth game went and fridged her. :(

And here's some more attempts at Steampunky designs....
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I've been neglecting my poor livejournal lately, so I thought I'd put up some of my recent cross-over art (even if most people here probably aren't Sly Cooper fans)

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Happy Valentines Day, everyone

If you're wondering where the heck the Luna/Valgaav thing came from, check out this comic I did justifying the pairing!

Want more? Check under the cut!!
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I think I might finally be getting better at this! :)

Special thanks to [ profile] earthstar_moon for inspiring the original
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I'm getting a little better with using the tablet to draw/color stuff. Unfortunately, for some reason, Photoshop doesn't have an easy shortcut for drawing simple, straight lines. So my attempts to draw backgrounds or anything else the requires straight (or slightly diagonal) lines look like crap. If there are better digital drawing programs out there for Luddites like me, I'd love to hear about them!

Anyhoo, here's my latest attempt. Coloring one of my dopey Sly Cooper romance pictures!

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I can't believe it took me this long to draw this fight!

You can find the rest of my Sly Cooper/Talespin crossover doodles at this link.

Artist Notes:

--I used a Talespin comic book as a reference for Don Karnage (I've never tried to draw him before) and the background.

--I drew Karnage and Carmelita in pen at work and then did the background in pencil after I got home to my T-square and drafting table.

[Deviant Art link]
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I've seen a lot of "screencap redraw" posts on Tumblr (basically, people take a screenshot from a show/game/whatever and redraw it in their own style). And I decided to try my hand at it for Sly Cooper.

First up, here's a re-draw of the first game (I did it from memory, so it's a little off):

And here's the end of the third game:

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For those of you who have never played a Sly game....I swear, I'm not exaggerating here! The differences between the original trilogy and the sexist abomination that was Sly 4 really is THIS EXTREME!!

Seriously, when you actually sit down and compare how Sly is characterized in the Sucker Punch trilogy vs Sly 4, the difference is....pretty stark. Mainly regarding the way he treated women.
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First up, random Inspector Sly Cooper AU series (because I've been neglecting that poor thing)

Next up, a "how it should have ended" comic for the China level of Sly 3.
I decided to try my hand at doing a "How it should have ended" AU in storybook form instead of a comic. Basically, I just put in random scenes and images and accompanied them with text descriptions. It was pretty fun and it allowed me to be less self-concious about how polished the drawings look. Since most of my art gets done at work (where I can't use my fancy light box and T-ruler), I can't really do a lot of polished things these days.

First up, the surprisingly non-awful scratch/brain-storming scribbles:
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I adore the original Sly Cooper trilogy. However, one of it's few flaws is the fact that there aren't many female protagonists (though Sly 2 has one of the most awesome female villains EVER). And you rarely see two female characters interact. So I thought it would be fun to re-write one of the storylines in the third game to give the girls stuff to do together.

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I recently came to the realization that I don't draw enough Naga. This needs to change:

And here is Naga's most likely reaction upon meeting Gourry:

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Next up, more Sly Cooper AU comics to ease the pain caused by the-game-that-shall-not-be-named. This comic could fit into the Sly Cooper AU that [ profile] earthstar_moon and [ profile] gullwhacker are helping me with. But it can also stand on it's own as a "this is what should have happened" comic

THIS is what their reunion in Sly 4 would have been like if that game hadn't been written by fanboys who cared more about inserting fuzzy T&A in the game than they cared about writing half-decent female characters (and good stories to go with them).

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Good News: I managed to find my favorite brand of doodle pens (which I believed weren't being made anymore) on a Wal-Mart shelf

Bad News: The packages only came in wacky colors (no plain black ones). So expect some rainbow colored sketches for a while

More random test pics:

First up, a scene from the Sly Cooper AU I'm working on with Jo & Stu...

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Don't worry Jo & Stu! I didn't forget! I just got distracted by life. ^_^;

For those who don't know, I've been collaborating with [ profile] earthstar_moon and [ profile] gullwhacker to make an AU-version of Sly Cooper 4 because the actual Sly Cooper 4 was sexist and horrible. So far, we've just thrown together short stories and random doodles. But it's a very fun and cathartic way to vent some steam and imagine how good a forth game could have been if it wasn't written by perverted furries.

Onto the brainstorms!

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Now I'm targeting my crazy doodle pen at the Talespin cast! And I'm humanizing them because I'm still kinda crappy at drawing animals/anthros

I think it came out pretty good considering I didn't use reference pictures (I did this at work)

Yeah, I had no choice but to change up Rebecca's hair. But the Betty Paige bangs still kinda work for her. And, hard as I tried, I couldn't keep human-Wildcat from coming out looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. LOL

Oh, and Becky/Baloo was one of my first OTPs. Anyone who watched the show knows why.

And I did another design page later on because I had different ideas regarding Baloo and Shere Khan:
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I brainstormed some ideas for how to handle the ancestors in my cathartic re-write of Sly 4 (aka the-sexist-fucking-game-that-shall-not-be-named!!!!) that I'm doing with [ profile] earthstar_moon and [ profile] gullwhacker.

I felt this warranted it's own post (even if only two people are really interested in it ~_^)

First up, the drawings inspired by this exchange:
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I was on an art roll yesterday and drew this while at work. Basically, it's my idea of how Bentley ended up in the prison hospital after Sly 2.

This comic is a rough outline. I normally don't post outlines because they tend to be ugly and hard for anyone who isn't me to follow (since I use them to brainstorm how the comic should be laid out). But it turned out surprisingly good for something I drew while I was on the phone (plus, it might take me a while to draw a polished version because I'm working 7 days a week now ^_^;). So I decided to post it anyway:

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This particular essay caused quite a wank storm among Sly Cooper fans on both Tumblr and Deviant Art. So I thought it would be interesting to see how it's received by the friends I have here who are mostly unfamiliar with the Sly Cooper franchise (save the two poor saps I recently roped into playing the original trilogy ~_^)

Basically, I believe that Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time perfectly encapsulates what is WRONG with the current gaming industry and culture vis-à-vis female representation. And this essay explains why.

FYI, The essay contains MAJOR spoilers for all four games. So if you want to play the original trilogy before reading about how Sly 4 took a steaming dump on it & locked the female characters in the fridge, go do that now. The essay will still be here when you get back.

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I finally got around to posting more art for the Inspector Cooper AU that earthstar_moon, gullwhacker, and I have been playing around with.

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