Aug. 16th, 2014

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So, I had lunch with my sister today and she told me about this awful incident that happened while she was walking with friends at San Diego Comic Con. And I'm posting it here just to verify that it's true and to let all my con-going buddies (specifically, the women) know to avoid this asshole like the plague.

My friend Jimmy (who also witnessed this) did a write up about it on his Tumblr. So I'll just paste his account here (and add emphasis where neccessary):

Kevin Brueck: Comic Con villain

On July 25th, my friends and I were walking down the street towards some place to have lunch during the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2014. A man stops us, asking my cosplayer friend to do a quick interview for his documentary on cosplaying. Which is a common project for filmmakers who attend the con. She signed a release form for the documentary and was ready for the interview.

But once the camera started recording, the host opens up shouting “I’M HERE WITH ONE OF THE COMIC CON SKANKS!” and then continues on with a line of sexually harassing questions. My friend flipped him off and stormed away. The host followed her, continuing on with his questions.

At this point, her friends (including me) surround the guy with a onslaught of obscenities. He explains that it’s just a “prank” and then asks for her to sign a “real” release form. Not only does she refuse, but demands to get the form she signed back. He tells her “no” and then when asked why not, he answers with, “because I said so”.

So I asked him for his name and the name of the youtube channel he works on. He tells me “Kenny Burns” and that he works for

But that was a lie.

I found out that the name of this disgusting human being is Kevin Brueck and that he has filmed quite a few SDCC related prank videos where he terrorizes cosplayers for

This is such a disgusting trend. These cosplayers work long hours and spend an obscene amount of money to make their costume and show it off at SDCC. All of that effort put towards this one weekend out of the year will forever be tarnished by the memory of being humiliated and harassed by this horrible individual.

In one of his videos, he disguises himself as representative of the convention and scares cosplayers with a phony copyright infringement fine.

He needs to be stopped. I want his videos taken off of youtube and I want him to banned from the site as well as SDCC. Please share this story to whatever sites you think would be willing to help us shut down the continuing career of Kevin Brueck, a Comic Con villain!

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