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I've been pretty bad about posting my art here. So I'll update by showing off the colored pieces I've done recently with the tablet that the wonderful [ profile] ichiban_victory gifted to me

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Here are all the winter holiday art prompts for the [ profile] scooby_doo community! I got them done just in time! :)
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Someone on Tumblr did a HILARIOUS joke post about the evolution of Fred's chin throughout every Scooby incarnation (and how RIDICULOUSLY HUGE it is in the newest show). And I felt compelled to draw something to go along with it.

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A friend on Deviant Art pointed me to this article on the upcoming "Be Cool Scooby Doo" series that includes a picture of the character designs and a description of the series from the producer:

be cool full

My Thoughts:

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Now I want to know all of your thoughts/predictions/hopes for this show!!

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This is such horrible news. I knew Kasem as "The Top 40 Countdown DJ" long before I learned he was also a prolific voice actor in many of my favorite shows. He was phenomenally talented and, by all accounts, also a good person. So, at the very least, its comforting to know he'll always be remembered as an icon. Though I can't imagine how rough it must be for his children to lose their dad on Fathers' Day.

This news hits me REAL hard both because I'm a fan and because I feel so bad that Kasem's final days were marked by a bitter feud between his wife and children. I dealt with similar circumstances when my Grandfather was dying; and I wouldn't wish that kind of drama and heartache on anyone. And this is also why I REALLY hate seeing news surrounding Kasem's final days get bogged down by folks judging his wife and/or kids when they know nothing about the situation aside from what they hear on television.

I want to end this on a high note, so here's a clip of Kasem's final Top 40 sign off. I have a clear memory of tuning in to listen to this live as a kid (even though I hadn't listened to the Top 40 broadcasts in at least a year) because I just HAD to hear his last one:

RIP Casey

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Happy Valentines Day, everyone

If you're wondering where the heck the Luna/Valgaav thing came from, check out this comic I did justifying the pairing!

Want more? Check under the cut!!
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I solicited my f-list for Halloween themed art ideas. These were the results:

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I also solicited art requests at the [ profile] scooby_doo community I moderate. Here are the results of that thread:

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Here is a random mix of recent Scooby Doo related scribbles


[Scooby Community Link]
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So...a while back I made a tribute post to Carl Steven (the actor who played Freddy in A Pup Named Scooby Doo). Turns out he died in 2011 at the age of 37. Finding out that a guy with so much talent (he helped re-define Fred's character when he was only 12-years-old) died so young made me very sad. So I thought it would be nice to post something to express how much I admired his work.

I didn't think anything of it until today. When Carl's mom left a comment on the page saying that she loved the picture and thought it was a great tribute to her son.
....yeah. When I saw that comment, I almost burst into tears.

It never even occurred to me that one of his family members might see that post (if it had, I would have drawn it better). And it just blows me away that his mother not only saw it, but actually liked it and felt compelled to let me know.

I guess this goes to show that you can NEVER predict what kind of impact your work will have once you put it on the internet for all the world to see. Even if said work is just a piece of Scooby Doo fanart expressing your love for a 20-year-old kiddie cartoon.

In case you missed the original post, here's the picture:
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Good News: I managed to find my favorite brand of doodle pens (which I believed weren't being made anymore) on a Wal-Mart shelf

Bad News: The packages only came in wacky colors (no plain black ones). So expect some rainbow colored sketches for a while

More random test pics:

First up, a scene from the Sly Cooper AU I'm working on with Jo & Stu...

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Revisiting one of my old obsessions fandoms

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A friend's daughter made this request:
""Fred and Daphne getting married. I was thinking of having it be under a chuppah""
....and the doodle on the bottom of this page is what I came up with...

...I'll do a more polished version later. But the Pup idea was the first to come to mind.

And here's some extra Scooby scribbles just because!

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So, they're making a new Scooby Doo direct-to-DVD movie featuring puppets instead of animation or actors. And these puppets are modeled after the Pup Named Scooby Doo designs!!

I'm TRYING to hold in my excitement until some information about the writers and voice actors involved is released. But this trailer looks pretty cool so far! It's a Wal-Mart exclusive DVD and it will be released July 23.

Since Pup is my favorite Scooby incarnation ever, I'll share some of my hopes for this thing here:

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I needed to put something happy out there. So here's all the goofy things I scribbled today:

First, the non-fanart

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Because I need to keep doing this until the-game-that-shall-not-be-named (and all of it's horrible, sexist attacks on my childhood) is cleansed from my brain!!!!

This method helped me cope with the-show-that-shall-not-be-named turning a feminist icon into a self-loathing moron who hates herself for being "ugly". Let's see if it works this time, too!
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First up is a comparison pic of "regular" Bentley & Penelope (from the Sly Cooper series) next to my silly humanized interpretations of them:

First date comic:

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And now, have some Scooby scribbles. Just because it's been a while. :)
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It's been a while since I submitted Scooby art here; so I'm posting all my most recent sketches. They're not very polished (I drew most of these on my lunch breaks at work), but I hope you like them anyway.
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Since the DVD is now available, I thought I'd give a quick, spoiler-free review of the latest Scooby Doo direct to DVD movie!

Spoiler-free review under the cut..... )

If you want to use these screen caps or show them off elsewhere, that's fine. Just do me a favor and remember to credit me for them. :)
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Just doing a major art dump of my recent lunch break scribbles because giving each of these their own post would take forever.

Super Friends

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Pony Families

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Scooby Doo fluff

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