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Normally, I don't like to elevate the opinions of celebrities. But this statement was the perfect reaction to recent events:


In case you haven't been following the news:

President Barack Obama’s White House is certainly closing out its final weeks with a no-holds-barred approach to Israel, following the Friday vote on United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, which blocks the Jewish state from establishing settlements in land the Palestinians claim as their own.

In a Wednesday speech that sounded more like a diatribe against Israel, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry explained the Obama administration’s decision to abstain from rather than veto the 14-0 vote on the anti-Israel resolution, skewering the country for advocating a one-state solution.

“If the choice is one state,” Kerry said, “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both.”

TL;DR All of the Muslim countries are allowed to be Muslim (and oppress women and slaughter non-Muslims & homosexuals with ZERO condemnation or retatialitation from the worthless United Nations). But the ONE Jewish country on the entire planet is not allowed to be Jewish and defend itself against the people who are openly bound and determined to enact a second Holocaust.

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I know a holiday post should be "cheery". But I thought it would be better (and more in keeping with the holiday) to reaffirm my peoples' right to exist.

Shabbat Shalom, mother fu*kers!!
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Here are all the winter holiday art prompts for the [ profile] scooby_doo community! I got them done just in time! :)
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A kid I was shopping for is way into Guardians of the Galaxy. So I drew her this Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas card to go with her present.

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Happy Valentines Day, everyone

If you're wondering where the heck the Luna/Valgaav thing came from, check out this comic I did justifying the pairing!

Want more? Check under the cut!!
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I know it seems a bit early to start opening up requests for Christmas/Winter/Holiday art. But I want plenty of time to make you guys really nice drawings/presents. Also, Chanukkah is happening hella early this year (it also happens to start on my birthday). So I have to open it up NOW just in case anyone wants something with a Jewish/Chanukkah theme (or a Thanksgiving theme). XD

--It doesn't have to be related to a specific holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukkah, Festivus, etc. If there's something you just REALLY want to see me draw "just because", feel free.

--Don't feel bad if I can't get your request done before New Years. Its nothing personal. Real life just takes up most of my time and sometimes I get spacey and just forget things.

--Keep your requests simple. For example, please don't ask me to translate your LONG, epic, 10 chapter fan-fiction into a comic.

--This should go without saying, but nothing pornographic, perverted, or fetishy. Romance is fine. Just keep the raciness of the requests at a PG-13 or lower.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!
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I solicited my f-list for Halloween themed art ideas. These were the results:

Silly costume doodles under the cut.... )

I also solicited art requests at the [ profile] scooby_doo community I moderate. Here are the results of that thread:

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Naga would totally eat up Halloween (and it's abundance of "Sexy [Whatever] Costumes").

And in case you couldn't tell from my messy scribbles, Lina and Gourry are dressed up as Xena and Gabrielle respectively.

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A little holiday inspiration is always fun! So toss me ideas of Halloween-themed doodles you'd like to see! I can't promise they'll all get done by Halloween. But I'll do my best to get them all drawn eventually! :)
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Now filling a late Chanukkah request from [ profile] hannahsarah :
OK, do Scooby and the Gang as orthodox Jews, lighting a menorah! :-D

I wonder if this pic technically counts as "race-bending"?

I hope I got the orthodox outfits right. No one in my family is that devout. So I had to do my research via a quick google image search. ^_^;

This idea was a fun one. So I drew a few additional things for [ profile] hannahsarah .

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One of the few downsides to being Jewish is the lack of cool holiday specials that celebrate our culture and traditions. Off the top of my head, the only movies/TV specials I can think of that center around Jewish holidays are "very special episodes" of goyim shows where the main character(s) entertain a Jewish friend, Yentl (which is depressing and filled with Streisand), Eight Crazy Nights (which is disgusting and sucks ass), and the ONE diamond in the pile of schmutz: THE HEBREW HAMMER!

If you've never seen The Hebrew Hammer, it's basically about a reluctant Jewish superhero who has to save Chanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa when Santa Claus' heir turns out to be a psychotic, racist bastard intent on wiping out all the non-Christian holidays. This trailer pretty much tells you all you need to know about it:

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Anyhoo, there's a kickstarter to fund a sequel called "The Hebrew Hammer vs Hitler". I want this sequel to happen. Badly. So I'm spreading the word here. Even if you don't end up donating, all I ask is that you at least check out the existing movie (it's currently on Netflix). It is both an awesome movie and a fun look into wacky Jewish culture.

G-dash-D BLESS!
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Now filling [ profile] ftrbestseller 's prompt:
Something fluffy involving Shaggy, Velma, and anything Christmas/holiday related!

Lucky for you, this prompt spawned many doodles! :)
Many doodles under the cut..... )

I hope you liked them! ^_^
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Now filling [ profile] ms_verma 's prompts!

1) Pup-Velma and Pup-Shaggy having a mistletoe moment... and getting it accidentally ruined by Velma's nosy little sister, Maddie.

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2) Pup-Daphne trying to have a mistletoe moment with Pup-Fred who is too busy with spying Red.

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3) The grown-up Fred and the grown-up Red reconciling and exchanging presents.

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I managed to fill two of my holiday art prompts early. YAY ME!

First up is [ profile] earthstar_moon 's request:
The SBFF Batgirl, Supergirl and Wondergirl exchanging presents with each other.

Art under the cut..... )

Next up is [ profile] amelia_seyroon:
I second the gift exchange idea, but with the Mane Six ponies!

Art under the cut.... )

I hope you two liked your gifts! :)
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Shaggy of all people offers Velma a little Winter Time fashion advice...

Fan Art under the cut.... )
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Taking a cue from [ profile] sarajayechan .

Go ahead and request a drawing for Christmas/Chanukkah/Festivus/Whatever. I can't promise it'll be done by Dec 25th (real life responsibilities and all that); but I promise to get to it eventually.
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Currently recovering from working all morning and then binging on too much Thanksgiving food. So have some Wreck-It-Ralph scribbles:

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Believe it or not, this special has one major thing in common with an anime called Slayers Premium. Both movies are saved by an actor named Crispin Freeman. No, really! Follow Evil Frosty and find out how!!

The Haunted Holidays special is a new mini-movie that's included on a compilation DVD called "13 Spooky Tales: Holiday Thrills and Chills". In addition to the new special, it has about a dozen random Scooby episodes from various incarnations that share a Winter Time theme (but I'm only gonna touch on the new one).

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I watch this every Halloween because it's not only a FANTASTIC parody of both Scooby Doo and The Blair Witch Project; but also because it's the only Scooby Doo production that genuinely freaks me out (and makes me laugh) EVERY time I watch it. Cartoon Network was on the top of it's game when it made this one:

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Happy Halloween, everyone!!
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Finally finished all my "Halloween Inspiration" commissions. So I'm posting these a little early!
Special thanks to [ profile] sailorlibra [ profile] earthstar_moon [ profile] amelia_seyroon and [ profile] ms_verma for the suggestions!

Drawings under the cut... )

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I hope you liked them! :)
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Finally finished all my "Halloween Inspiration" commissions. So I'm posting these a little early!
Special thanks to [ profile] sailorlibra [ profile] earthstar_moon [ profile] amelia_seyroon and [ profile] ms_verma for the suggestions!

Drawings under the cut... )

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I hope you liked them! :)


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