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Ever since I discovered this GLORIUS tutorial on transfering paper lineart into photoshop, I've been on a coloring binge! And this was the second old drawing that I opted to fully color (I wanted to practice on something with a background).

And here's the old B&W doodle
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Talespin “Drumming Up Business” read-along audiobook

I snagged an unopened copy of this old Talespin read-along audiobook and I thought I’d put it up here for fellow nostalgic Disney Afternoon fans to enjoy.

And here are the full size scans of the book’s pages (in case you want a closer look at them)

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I had about a week off for the holidays. This is what I chose to do with it...

I already have an idea for how I want the rest of this story to play out. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I suck MASSIVELY at drawing the Disney Duck characters. But I'll probably try anyway because I REALLY dig this idea!

Random Artist Notes:
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I'll do a real review of this movie later on. But for now, have a goofy fan-comic!

Also, this should go without saying, but this comic contains major spoilers for the end of the movie.

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I recently bought some back issues of the old "Disney Afternoon Comic Collection". And these covers absolutely cracked me up:

...and now I cannot stop myself from imagining how much funnier The Little Mermaid would have been if Ariel had obsessed over Darkwing Duck instead of Prince Eric.
I posted these images on Tumblr, and [ profile] earthstar_moon decided to play the devil on my shoulder and encourage me to draw this AU crack ship. So the upcoming comic is her fault, not mine! XD

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If there's interest in this story, I will continue it! I have some free time coming next week!
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Today, I attended a new convention called "Stan Lee's ComiKaze" in Los Angeles. This convention is only two years old and this was my first time there.

While attending ComiKaze, I was hugged by Veronica Taylor, Weird Al Yankovick, Andre of Black Nerd Comedy, and JIM FREAKIN' CUMMINGS!!!!
...yeah. I am DEFINITELY coming back next year!! This convention RULES!! ^_^

And don't worry, photographic evidence of these events will be coming soon.
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Please forgive my incompetence at drawing Duck characters. But I just had to express my love for them in art form!

I've beaten this game twice already. I bought a PS3 just so I could play it and it was worth EVERY PENNY!! It's like experiencing a lost episode of the original cartoon!

If you love Ducktales, Disney, old school gaming, and/or beautiful hand-drawn animation, BUY THIS GAME NOW! The sprites are GORGEOUSLY animated and replicate both the look of the cartoon and the feel of the 1989 video game flawlessly. And, for all the people who just want to experience the story without the sadistic old-school NES difficulty, there's an Easy Mode available to play.

And yes, the iconic money bin is a mini-game that you get to swim around in! :)

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It's hella fun. And if it sells well, maybe we'll get a remake of the equally awesome 1989 Rescue Rangers NES game. And I want this to happen more than you will ever know!! ^_^
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Now I'm targeting my crazy doodle pen at the Talespin cast! And I'm humanizing them because I'm still kinda crappy at drawing animals/anthros

I think it came out pretty good considering I didn't use reference pictures (I did this at work)

Yeah, I had no choice but to change up Rebecca's hair. But the Betty Paige bangs still kinda work for her. And, hard as I tried, I couldn't keep human-Wildcat from coming out looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. LOL

Oh, and Becky/Baloo was one of my first OTPs. Anyone who watched the show knows why.

And I did another design page later on because I had different ideas regarding Baloo and Shere Khan:
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My muse is REALLY into this "humanizing anthro characters" thing right now. Go fig. :P

My current targets are....The Rescue Rangers (my previous failed attempts at it can be seen here)


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Because I couldn't resist....
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So, I FINALLY got my hands on an issue of the old Talespin comic series that I've been trying to find for ages....

....and I've been wanting to find it because this story was written by one of the show writers and it gives us some back story on Kit and Molly that the show never touched on. And, IMO, reading this comic felt like getting the finale episode of Talespin that never happened (and likely never will considering the legal limbo surrounding the Jungle Book characters and the fact that BOOM Comics is no longer allowed to touch the Disney titles).

I think every fan of the series needs to read this. So I scanned it and put it here.

If you love the show (and if you're a big fan of Kit and/or Molly) you might wanna have a tissue or two handy.

On to the scans!

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I hope all the old-school Disney Afternoon fans got a kick out of this. I've been tracking this comic down for AGES and it was worth every bit of effort!
....and, believe it or not, I only paid $1.60 for it! SCORE!!!!
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I drew most of my recent "How the Little Mermaid should have ended" comic on my lunch breaks at work. My co-workers saw me working on it in the break room and they were actually pretty fascinated/shocked to find out that so much planning and math goes into making a comic page (they saw me using a ruler and calculator while drawing and thought that seemed weird). So I stopped to explain to them that I had to measure how much panel/paper space I was working with and figure out how much space each panel needed to get the point across. I also explained the process of trimming the dialog and scenes in order to figure out how to get the point across in just one page. To my surprise, they found it to be really interesting; so I thought I'd put my scratch pages with the measurements here just so you guys can see it, too.

Initial Idea Page

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Here's an art post of random silly things I've drawn lately. We'll start with Adventure Time!

Now for some non-fanart original stuff!

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Here's some half-finished "Humanized Rescue Rangers" doodles that I forgot about until I dug them out of one of my MANY "unfinished ideas" folders. LOL
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Humanized MLP sketches

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DC Comic Girls
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Final Fantasy X
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Cardcaptor Sakura

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I decided to do another alternate ending for this movie because I think it's a comedy goldmine!

Also, I know I can't be the only person who ever thought "why doesn't Ariel just ask for some paper and write Eric a note!?". I vaguely remember being a little kid and pointing out this plothole to my classmates (yes, even then I was a pedantic nerd).

I like the way this one turned out. But I still think my last "alternate Little Mermaid ending" comic was funnier.
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Back when I was a teenager, I had the good fortune to meet some of the writers & artists behind Beauty and the Beast at an ASIFA event. One of them said that they briefly considered ending the movie on a humorous note by having Belle ask the Prince if he could grow a beard. Obviously, they didn't go that route, but part of me kinda wishes that they had. Hence the comic.

Also, the Beast does NOT have an official name ("Prince Adam" is fanon). The writers just never thought to give him one. However, when pressed by the audience, they dubbed him "Moe Beast". So that is what I call him. XD

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My last piece of Little Mermaid fanart sparked some unexpected controversy. So I've decided to make peace by drawing fluffy pictures of Ariel and Eric on my lunch break. ENJOY!

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I love this film as much as any other girl who was raised on a steady diet of Disney princess movies. However, upon watching it as a grown up, it becomes clear that Ariel is a totally stupid, selfish, awful person (er, fish or whatever species she technically is). And I have my doubts that her relationship with Eric would survive the resolution of her "Daddy Issues".

Sorry for ruining your childhood, everybody!

[Deviant Art Link]
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Hat-tip to my pal [ profile] ayarane for bringing this beautiful news to me! I love you, honey!

Here's the trailer. Look upon it and feel the nostalgia overcome you!!!!!

Best of all, according to Capcom's website, EVERY SURVIVING VOICE-ACTOR IS RETURNING!!!

That's right, even Alan Young and June Foray (who are both pushing 100 freakin' years old!!!) are coming back to us! I can honestly say that this news has made my year. Even if the game sucks ass, hearing Young and Foray portray these characters again will be well worth whatever price this game sells for!

Fun Fact:
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Sorry for the lack of posts. Work and life has kept me busy.

I've been trying to do more original stuff and less fanart just to keep the creative juices flowing. So here's a few examples of my bored lunch break scribbles of originality....

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