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I finally got to see this just before Thanksgiving. And the experience was something else:

--Despite the fact that the movie had been out for about two months at that point, the theatre was nearly half full!
--The audience (which was mostly Mexican families with young kids) was really into the movie. They laughed a lot and even stood up and applauded when the credits rolled!
--The movie's soundtrack is....unique. It's a VERY weird mix of American pop songs and traditional Mexican guitar music that somehow manages to mesh well together (for the most part).

--Also, I was happy to see Doug Langdale credited as one of the writers. IMO, he's one of the most under-rated cartoon writers out there (he's best known for creating the 90s cartoon "The Weekenders"). He is VERY skilled when it comes to writing groups of friends without inserting romantic bullcrap. And even in this film (where a love triangle was central to the story), he never forgot to make the trio convincing as FRIENDS before introducing the romantic drama. And it was a thrill to see him credited in a major film (here's hoping this leads to him getting more projects!)
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I made a comic based on the reactions of children that were in the theatre when I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2. Enjoy!

NOTE: In order to read the text, you need to either right-click the image to get a full view of it or view it on my Deviant Art here.

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A friend on Deviant Art pointed me to this article on the upcoming "Be Cool Scooby Doo" series that includes a picture of the character designs and a description of the series from the producer:

be cool full

My Thoughts:

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Now I want to know all of your thoughts/predictions/hopes for this show!!

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I just caught up on some recent episodes of Bob's Burgers and felt compelled to draw them. That episode satirizing Bronies was freaking HILARIOUS! XD

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FYI, the Lady Godiva thing didn't happen in the movie. I took that from a gag in the original cartoons.

==  Peabody & Sherman 2014 review  ==
(Possible Mild Spoilers)

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This was a little birthday gift for Earthstar_moon. Because her incessant fangirling is what finally got me to watch Rise of the Guardians (and MY incessant fangirling got her to play Sly Cooper LOL).
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South Park: The Stick of Truth is an amazing game that inspired this amazing piece of fanart:

If you are a fan of the show, YOU NEED TO BE PLAYING IT!!!
And, FYI, Jew is the best warrior class! XD
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I solicited my f-list for Halloween themed art ideas. These were the results:

Silly costume doodles under the cut.... )

I also solicited art requests at the [ profile] scooby_doo community I moderate. Here are the results of that thread:

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Here's an art post of random silly things I've drawn lately. We'll start with Adventure Time!

Now for some non-fanart original stuff!

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Here's some half-finished "Humanized Rescue Rangers" doodles that I forgot about until I dug them out of one of my MANY "unfinished ideas" folders. LOL
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Humanized MLP sketches

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DC Comic Girls
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Final Fantasy X
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Cardcaptor Sakura

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A few days ago, I caught an episode of the Thundercats reboot (which was AMAZING and criminally mistreated by Cartoon Network, btw) that I had never seen before. That episode was called "Song of the Petalars". And it broke me down into a sobbing wreck.

I HIGHLY recommend checking it out if you can (the episode can be easily understood even if you've never watched the show before). It's one of the most beautiful 30 minutes of animation ever made. But be WILL break you! You will totally see the ending coming a mile away and it will still break you!

[Deviant Art link]
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Now that my computer is back in operation, here's all the dopey scribbles I pulled from my "to scan" pile!

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I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the lost Dexter's Lab episode called "Dexter's Rude Removal". Basically, it was an episode that never aired because it's content was considered too vulgar (it centers around Dexter and Dee Dee being zapped with a device which basically gives them torettes and makes them swear like sailors). Cartoon Network did such a good job hiding it that many people didn't believe it existed. But now Adult Swim is airing it (probably because all the current Dexter's Lab fans are adults).
I know I'll be watching this Tuesday. I just hope this isn't one of Adult Swim's pranks (the title card looks pretty legit, though).

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Now filling [ profile] sarajayechan 's request:
I desire a Scooby-Doo/Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan crossover fest!

Crossover under the cut..... )

I hope I did an OK job with the characters. The only research I had time for were the clips available on YouTube. However, I was lucky enough to find some high quality Chan Clan model sheets on this Hanna-Barbera fan site (it's in Spanish; but it has TONS of great pics and scans of model sheets from obscure HB shows).

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I managed to fill two of my holiday art prompts early. YAY ME!

First up is [ profile] earthstar_moon 's request:
The SBFF Batgirl, Supergirl and Wondergirl exchanging presents with each other.

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Next up is [ profile] amelia_seyroon:
I second the gift exchange idea, but with the Mane Six ponies!

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I hope you two liked your gifts! :)
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I saw Rainbow Brite and The Star Stealer up on Netflix and I thought "oh, this will be a fluffy, girly nostalgia trip".

I doodled some fanart in the first 10 minutes because these characters seemed like they'd be fun to draw.

But after the first 10 or so minutes....this movie got weird. And kinda disturbing.

Turns out this movie doesn't match my childhood memories at all. I remembered it as silly, sugary fluffyness made with 3-year-old girls in mind. But the movie I just watched was.....really messed up. And confusing as all hell. And the way Rainbow dispatched her enemy was.....well, just read on.

BTW, a lot of people have the whole movie posted on YouTube if you want to watch the movie alongside this review and you don't have Netflix. I'm only bringing this up because I want you to know that you can see this madness for yourself if you don't believe what I write about in this review.

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Finally finished all my "Halloween Inspiration" commissions. So I'm posting these a little early!
Special thanks to [ profile] sailorlibra [ profile] earthstar_moon [ profile] amelia_seyroon and [ profile] ms_verma for the suggestions!

Drawings under the cut... )

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I hope you liked them! :)
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Finally finished all my "Halloween Inspiration" commissions. So I'm posting these a little early!
Special thanks to [ profile] sailorlibra [ profile] earthstar_moon [ profile] amelia_seyroon and [ profile] ms_verma for the suggestions!

Drawings under the cut... )

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I hope you liked them! :)


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