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Ever since I discovered this GLORIUS tutorial on transfering paper lineart into photoshop, I've been on a coloring binge! And this was the second old drawing that I opted to fully color (I wanted to practice on something with a background).

And here's the old B&W doodle
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Some wonderful, kind soul put this tutorial on how to transfer pen&paper lineart into Photoshop on tumblr. And this technique makes digitally coloring stuff A MILLION TIMES EASIER FOR ME!!

This is the first pic I practiced it with. I really dig it. Expect to see more colored artworks from me in the future! :)

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This is copy/pasted from my submission to the awesomely dorky community [ profile] 1word1day!

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Work has been wearing me down lately (I'm working seven days a week now), so I decided to treat myself and book tickets to attend all three days of Stan Lee's Comikaze convention in Los Angeles this Halloween! I even splurged and commissioned a new cosplay from a gal pal of mine who is a master at costume-making. This year, I'm rocking a Sailor Jupiter costume for Halloween/con-season (I've been digging Sailor Moon Crystal lately)!

This will be my first time rocking a mask-free costume in public. So I'm a bit nervous. All my other public cosplays have covered up at least half my face because I tend to look goofy in photographs (and that makes me REALLY self-concious about strangers taking pics of me that are likely to end up on over the internet). So my Princess Kenny costume will be on standby, just in case.

Also, Sailor Jupiter is a bit "sexier" than the stuff I usually wear for cosplay. And that worries me a bit because of a recent incident at SDCC where my sister and some of our friends were chased down the street and reapeatedly called "sluts" by a creeper who couldn't take "NO" for an answer.

BTW, the creeper's name is Kevin Brueck and he has a shitty YouTube show where he harasses con-goers and pulls other stupid pranks (like chasing female cosplayers down the street while calling them "sluts"). If you're in the nerd and/or convention scene, PLEASE spread the word about this guy's douchebaggery. My friends and I are hoping to get him black-listed from future cons (and, on a purely personal note, I want to see this asshole pay for harassing my little sister while she was walking down the goddam street!!!!). If you want to hear this story first-hand from someone who was physically there to witness it, my friend Jimmy wrote about it on his Tumblr page here.

I want to end this on a happy note. So enjoy a picture of my most recent cosplay experience:
I am the most kawaii princessu! ~_^
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I like to think this conversation between Lina and Amelia happened sometime within her first week as a part of Lina and Gourry's posse.

I always thought it was strange that Amelia never showed any romantic interest in Gourry. Not only is he good looking; but a chivalrous, "knight in shining armor" type seems right up her alley. Then I remembered that Martina gave up on Gourry because he's a dumbass (and she felt that a princess needs a smart husband). So that's why this comic happened.

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I drew this a few years ago and just recently dug it out of an old sketch book and inked it.

This comic was thrown together after a funny incident where I stopped at the grocery store to get some “girlie products” and this very young male clerk (who was stocking a shelf in an adjacent aisle) suddenly felt the need to get all helpful with me.

I don’t think he was trying to be creepy. He seemed to genuinely want to help. But talking to a male in THAT particular aisle is just weird and uncomfortable. So I told him I was on my way out, moved away from there, and didn’t grab the girlie stuff I came in for until he had wandered into another section.

So, yeah, note to any dudes reading this. Chicks NEVER want to spark up a conversation when shopping for feminine products. EVER! So don’t try it!

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I was recently asked to contribute to the [ profile] 1word1day community! Basically, it's a comm for language nerds to share unique and unusual vocabulary words. However, since I'm not a good writer, I opted to do educational "Vocabulary Comics" for my contributions. Here's my first post (and I'll also paste it below). Let me know what you think!


THE ORIGIN OF THE WORD "GLITCH" (featuring Vanellope Von Schweetz)
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So, I had lunch with my sister today and she told me about this awful incident that happened while she was walking with friends at San Diego Comic Con. And I'm posting it here just to verify that it's true and to let all my con-going buddies (specifically, the women) know to avoid this asshole like the plague.

My friend Jimmy (who also witnessed this) did a write up about it on his Tumblr. So I'll just paste his account here (and add emphasis where neccessary):

Kevin Brueck: Comic Con villain

On July 25th, my friends and I were walking down the street towards some place to have lunch during the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2014. A man stops us, asking my cosplayer friend to do a quick interview for his documentary on cosplaying. Which is a common project for filmmakers who attend the con. She signed a release form for the documentary and was ready for the interview.

But once the camera started recording, the host opens up shouting “I’M HERE WITH ONE OF THE COMIC CON SKANKS!” and then continues on with a line of sexually harassing questions. My friend flipped him off and stormed away. The host followed her, continuing on with his questions.

At this point, her friends (including me) surround the guy with a onslaught of obscenities. He explains that it’s just a “prank” and then asks for her to sign a “real” release form. Not only does she refuse, but demands to get the form she signed back. He tells her “no” and then when asked why not, he answers with, “because I said so”.

So I asked him for his name and the name of the youtube channel he works on. He tells me “Kenny Burns” and that he works for

But that was a lie.

I found out that the name of this disgusting human being is Kevin Brueck and that he has filmed quite a few SDCC related prank videos where he terrorizes cosplayers for

This is such a disgusting trend. These cosplayers work long hours and spend an obscene amount of money to make their costume and show it off at SDCC. All of that effort put towards this one weekend out of the year will forever be tarnished by the memory of being humiliated and harassed by this horrible individual.

In one of his videos, he disguises himself as representative of the convention and scares cosplayers with a phony copyright infringement fine.

He needs to be stopped. I want his videos taken off of youtube and I want him to banned from the site as well as SDCC. Please share this story to whatever sites you think would be willing to help us shut down the continuing career of Kevin Brueck, a Comic Con villain!

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This comic is based on stories I've heard from cosplay girls about ugly jerkwads hypocritically telling them they're not "hot enough" to dress up as a particular heroine.

I also took some inspiration from the Tony Harris incident.
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I made a comic based on the reactions of children that were in the theatre when I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2. Enjoy!

NOTE: In order to read the text, you need to either right-click the image to get a full view of it or view it on my Deviant Art here.

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Someone on Tumblr did a HILARIOUS joke post about the evolution of Fred's chin throughout every Scooby incarnation (and how RIDICULOUSLY HUGE it is in the newest show). And I felt compelled to draw something to go along with it.

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A friend on Deviant Art pointed me to this article on the upcoming "Be Cool Scooby Doo" series that includes a picture of the character designs and a description of the series from the producer:

be cool full

My Thoughts:

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Now I want to know all of your thoughts/predictions/hopes for this show!!

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I thought it would be fun to tackle Steampunk-style art.

First up, here's my attempt at a Steampunk Electro-Gun. I'm actually REALLY happy with how it came out!

In case you're wondering, this pic is a redesign of this character:

She's Carmelita Fox from the Sly Cooper series. And she was a great character before the forth game went and fridged her. :(

And here's some more attempts at Steampunky designs....
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I just caught up on some recent episodes of Bob's Burgers and felt compelled to draw them. That episode satirizing Bronies was freaking HILARIOUS! XD

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I've been neglecting my poor livejournal lately, so I thought I'd put up some of my recent cross-over art (even if most people here probably aren't Sly Cooper fans)

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I just realized that it's been a while since I posted my art to my LJ. So here's a goofy Batman comic!

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The Five Stages of Grief you'll go through when Watching the Girl Meets World Pilot

The article linked above pretty much sums up my feelings about Girl Meets World (and I think it's required reading for any nostalgic 90s kids going into the show in the hopes of reliving their Boy Meets World nostalgia).


I WANTED to like Girl Meets World so bad. But it was just so damn difficult to sit through.The dialogue was painfully forced and unnatural (it made a million references to Cory and Topanga’s spawn “meeting the world” just like her daddy did). And the characters didn’t act like real kids (or real human beings for that matter) at all. Cory-Jr Riley was just a naive follower of her annoying, “bad girl” friend Not-Shawn Maya. And they had a “nerdy” male classmate who was basically a WAY WAY WAY more annoying clone of Minkus. And, because it’s a Disney Channel show, there was also a pretty boy love interest who had the personality of wet cardboard.

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This is such horrible news. I knew Kasem as "The Top 40 Countdown DJ" long before I learned he was also a prolific voice actor in many of my favorite shows. He was phenomenally talented and, by all accounts, also a good person. So, at the very least, its comforting to know he'll always be remembered as an icon. Though I can't imagine how rough it must be for his children to lose their dad on Fathers' Day.

This news hits me REAL hard both because I'm a fan and because I feel so bad that Kasem's final days were marked by a bitter feud between his wife and children. I dealt with similar circumstances when my Grandfather was dying; and I wouldn't wish that kind of drama and heartache on anyone. And this is also why I REALLY hate seeing news surrounding Kasem's final days get bogged down by folks judging his wife and/or kids when they know nothing about the situation aside from what they hear on television.

I want to end this on a high note, so here's a clip of Kasem's final Top 40 sign off. I have a clear memory of tuning in to listen to this live as a kid (even though I hadn't listened to the Top 40 broadcasts in at least a year) because I just HAD to hear his last one:

RIP Casey

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